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HMRC closed for business again

Logged in a little while ago - now entered the circular loop again

Didn't find your answer?

Here we go again.

Was working earlier but now get Service unavailable due to maintenance - use original online services but that log in brings me back to this message gain

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By sba
02nd Feb 2018 17:14

Same here, I'd saved a bunch of little jobs to do on there and was going to clear them all, guess not.

Oh well, POETS day it is then....

(but only if 5.15pm counts as early!)

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
02nd Feb 2018 17:31


So much for the VAT I was doing.

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By Tornado
02nd Feb 2018 17:49

Yes, same here.

I have access through the beta trial, so from past experience it is possible that those not on the trial will still have normal access. Unfortunately I have not yet worked out how to get back to the normal log in.

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By SteLacca
03rd Feb 2018 10:01

Honestly, why HM Treasury and HMRC don't do the smart thing and get someone who has a clue in to fix their NFP IT systems I have no idea.

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Replying to SteLacca:
By D V Fields
03rd Feb 2018 10:58

SteLacca wrote:

Honestly, why HM Treasury and HMRC don't do the smart thing and get someone who has a clue in to fix their NFP IT systems I have no idea.

Probably because all good programming software requires a specification to start with; otherwise how do you know it's doing what it should do? So given that it's highly likely no one has specified the requirements, whether through ignorance or incompetence, they could bring some one in to fix it - but they will not know how to explain what it should do.
"IF" statements are probably too advanced for them.
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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
05th Feb 2018 12:26

Its OK us moaning here but this must be notified to the powers that be. I reported a lack of access to the ATT Working Together representative a few months ago and received this response...
"The Joint Services Team and JISG are both following things up. " and...
"we have made representations to HMRC (one of my internal e-mails was shared with a senior member of HMRC which I hadn’t intended due to the tone !)"

>>They want us to notify them every time the site goes down so I suggest you report this to your Institute.

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By Marion Hayes
05th Feb 2018 15:09

I don't have an institute. I intend to write to my MP. I spoke to online services as soon as I had the issue. They suggested I needed to clear the cache as that could have caused it. He was adamant that the message saying maintenance was ongoing was wrong as there were no planned actions at that time.
Needless to say it didn't help and I was unable to access Saturday either. As remarked on by a poster last time, it is as if someone switches off as they leave for home on Friday afternoon.

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