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HMRC consultation on Construction Industry

HMRC consultation on Construction Industry

If you have clients operating in the Construction Industry who are going to be affected by the proposals, please submit your views this week.  I have added the link to the consultation document and would also refer you to Keith Gordon's two articles on the subject.


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05th Oct 2009 12:08

Thanks Paula

Please, if you have clients in the construction sector ask them to respond. They do not have to make responses to all of the questions, but they are likely to understand the implications for thier business. If they could hgihlight the likely impact on thier business if these plans go ahead it would be really useful.

Keith's excellent articles are : HMRC has lost the (building) plot part 1 and HMRC has lost the (building) plot : Part 2

The more replies from accountants acting for the smaller builders and businesses themselves, the more weight these comments will carry.

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