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HMRC copy tax returns

Is this filed or just a ruse

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I have a client who is going through s divorce and as part of this the solicitor has asked for ex's tax return.

Solicitor has received a return but this is marked as "copy only do not send to HMRC"

When queried the ex states that this is a HMRC copy and it is HMRC that have stamped this message.

Not come across this before so not sure if this is right or not.

As always your views would be much appreciated

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By SteLacca
19th Sep 2018 10:27

I believe it's printed where the Return is prepared using HMRC's own software and a PDF subsequently downloaded for printing.

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By Tim Vane
19th Sep 2018 11:45

That is what is stamped on the return when the user downloads a copy from the HMRC software. There should be an IR mark at the bottom left of each page.

The large caveat would be that whether it has been filed with HMRC or not is proof of nothing - it would not be the first time that a return had been filed with HMRC to show one set of figures then amended to show another (happens often enough with mortgage applications where income is boosted for mortgage purposes then expenses are "remembered" on later amendment).

In addition, the return will not show non-taxable income (e.g. ISAs, overseas income taxed in country of origin etc) so may not give a full picture.

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By jaffe123
19th Sep 2018 10:42

Thanks for the quick replies. Solicitor is trying to establish true income and asked for Tax Year Overviews but these have not been forthcoming so assume that this return is probably completed and printed but not actually filed.

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By Cloudcounter
19th Sep 2018 11:17

If I was the solicitor I'd probably insist on the TYO for this return, to prove that it's been filed as is. There would be nothing stopping the ex from changing the entries before filing the real figures.

Of course the ex could file return with one set of figures and then send an amendment later with the "real" numbers

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Replying to Cloudcounter:
By jaffe123
19th Sep 2018 11:29

Have suggested this and solicitor has made a number of requests which have been ignored. Solicitor is now ready to go to court to force the issue.

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