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HMRC Corporation Tax Fax not working

I have a different number

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Having tried and failed several times yesterday to send a fax to HMRC CT Services (Yes, I know its old technology) on the number shown on their website (03000 543 889), and tried again this morning, I phoned the helpline and was given another number. This one worked! It is 03000 543 797.

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By memyself-eye
05th Jul 2017 09:51

Isn't that 'oh three hundred'?
Not that I'm planning to fax anyone...ever.

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Replying to memyself-eye:
By Briar
05th Jul 2017 16:46

No, its 03 thousand. As the "letters" system is so slow, I find (hope) it means the "fax" system gets attention sooner. Also, my nearest post box is a 3 miles return journey and it also costs less to send a fax than sticking a stamp on.

Lets "Make Tax Faxable" (at least in the wilds of Cumbria)

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By Cheshire
05th Jul 2017 10:26

Isnt it great how they update their website! But then they make money from you sitting on the phone for days so why would they. I do have a fax machine - all in one with my printer kit, but wouldnt have a clue how to use it, nor is it anywhere near a phone socket. I can still hear the fax whirring sound in my head though from my previous jobs ;-)

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