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HMRC "current position" problem

Have they changed something?

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I have a client who has set up a TTP for income tax and has been making regular payments ever since in accordance with the agreement.  I have today logged into my agent account to try and establish what payments relate to VAT and what to income tax.  

I get an error message saying "sorry there was a problem displaying this part of the page, blah blah blah".  I check other clients who I know are up to date with tax and everything is displayed fine, but other ones that have been tardy with their payments are also displaying the same error message.

Does anyone know if there is a reason for this?

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By Leywood
27th Jul 2021 14:43

Thinking there there may be an issue with HMRC itself. MTD appears to be messing about. Ive not checked by own agent account as Im getting intermittent/slow t'interweb at the mo, so perhaps someone else can check that for you.

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Replying to Leywood:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
27th Jul 2021 19:14

Leywood wrote:

Thinking there there may be an issue with HMRC itself.

Surely not.

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By grahamstone1
28th Jul 2021 14:19

Think there may be a major issue with HMRC Agent access atm. I am having massive trouble accesing VAT return submission pages so cannot submit a VAT return to them via their normal VAT for Agents pages.
I have also had massive troubles with a client who moved from VAT registered Partnership to VAT registered Ltd Company but retained the same VAT number. HMRC state their software shows returns due but my Agent Services account doesnt. Tried de-registering, re registering both access to client and software used to no avail. Client has phoned HMRC in excess of 10 times before they eventually admit it may be their software thats causing problems and have agreed to a manual VAT return being submitted, which I await to complete. I incidentally also phoned HMRC and explained the problem which the responder said they would escalate and phone me back in two days. A week later I still await that call.
All in all it leaves me with little confidence in their systems and the client ends up thinking the same!

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