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hmrc & Debt collection from HMRC

MRC self assessment amount being pursed through there Debt Department

Dear Sir/Madam

Need some advise. HMRC wanted CGT from for properties bought and sold over the last 10 years. i went to builders to get my invoices as i did not hhave any due to time lapsed when HMRc contacted the builders they denied it was their invoices (as they were working cash in hand). HMRctook me to court and out of the 6 properties they found me guilty on 3. whilst my case was going HMRC sent me bill for self assessment, ignoring any of my invoices etc.My accountant told them lets split the disputed properties(not taken in court) and non-disputed properties (3 taken to court). My accountant told them we will pay the non-disputed amount for the rest we will submit our calculation. Thhey inform my accountant that they will ask their legal department but at the same i keep getting knocks on my door and now they want to pursue bankrutcy order gainst me.

After 6  months HMRC have fail to get back to my accountant and in the last 3 months been sending a person from HMRC Debt department to collect full amount on 6 properties. i kknoww this is long winded but in wanted give you guys the full background so i get proper advise:

1) Can i put in a complaint as to why my properties were not split in to disputed and non-disputed?

2) Any advise on geting legall advise to challenge HMRC?

3) ow far can i takke my appeall in order to get fair hearing

all i am asking is can gthey taken into account stamp duty payments, mortgage payments,legal cost, sellling cost, work done on disputed properties and reach a settllement. I feel my accountant is bit out of his dept in dealling withh HMRC in relation to this issue

Guys do not think i do not want to ppay them, i do but i want them to accept my cost etc. also.

I am stressed out and just paying accountants and solicitors for poor advise so please advise



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12th Aug 2017 13:19

1) Yes of course you can complain to HMRC, but you may wish to ask your accountant to do so instead. If you want to complain yourself the details are on the HMRC website.
2) If you want legal advice you must contact a solicitor.
3) Information on appeals and procedures are also available on the HMRC website.

Finally, if you have paid accountants and solicitors and received poor advice then you should contact their respective professional bodies. However, you may want to consider that there is a big difference between poor advice, good advice that is not being taken, and correct advice that you don't want to hear.

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to Tim Vane
12th Aug 2017 14:00

thank you for your msg.
My accountant told me that he will request HMRc to split the properties into disputed and undisputed. HMRc told him they will seek advise from their legal dept. but after 1 month we did not get no reply and when we contacted the ladfy she said i am not dealing with the case and another tax inspector is and he will contact us in 3-4 days bnut after 2 weeks no contact. and until today my accountant does not know who is dealing with my appeal.
during all this process i keep getting harrassed by the HMRC DEBT people. this been going on since January this year.

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to james1980brook
12th Aug 2017 14:46

I'm a bit surprised that these builders didn't own up to receiving the money you paid them cash in hand.

Now you're stuck with their tax bills.

It's so unfair!!

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