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HMRC delays

HMRC VAT and PAYE setup delays

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We applied for a Group VAT Registration end of August- called HMRC Registration helpline and they said it would be mid-January till we got the VAT Number.

Has anyone any knowledge about PAYE registration times please (we did an online application for a client on 27 November)?

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By Teesside
08th Dec 2021 10:54

We applied for a PAYE scheme on 04/11/2021 and still waiting the scheme numbers.

Just telephoned HMRC employer helpline and was given the scheme numbers over the phone.

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By RobbieT
08th Dec 2021 11:10

Recent turnaround on PAYE applications has been 4 weeks for us.

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By teresaweezer
08th Dec 2021 11:56

We applied for TOGC for VAT on transfer from a partnership to Ltd Company in June. I chased this last week and were told there was a further SEVEN MONTH delay by HMRC staff to deal with such matters. I make no comment!

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By Matrix
08th Dec 2021 15:12

I was told by the helpline it would be 12 months!

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By sanone
08th Dec 2021 13:37

Have registered a couple of businesses for PAYE recently and turn around time has been less than 2 weeks in each case.

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By HiddenAccountant
09th Dec 2021 08:50

I've registered 3 PAYE and VAT schemes in the last 4 weeks.
VAT less than 72hrs to receive VAT number through online portal, the vat certificate follows within about 10 days.
PAYE in all cases in the region of 10 days.

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