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HMRC don't have client registered as self employed

HMRC dont have client registered as self employed so not taking Class 2

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Client has done a self assessment tax return since he started in self employment in late 2018. He did 18/19 and 19/20 tax returns we have done 2021 tax return. 

Although he has put the fact he is self employed on his last 3 tax returns and so Class 2 has automatically populated on his tax return HMEC have not actually been taking the Class 2 which he needs for state pension. Class 4 has been paid!!

He spoke to HMRC and they have said he is not registered for self employment (even though he has put it on his last 3 tax returns). 

I seem to remember something similar to this 2 or 3 years ago and HMRC explained that the NI and self assessment systems didn't talk to each other but they put it right whilst I was on the phone to self assessment; they won't do that now.

What is the best way to remedy this and will the NI people allow him to make good the 2019 and 2020 Class 2 NI?

The tel number I have is 0300 200 3500 for the NI people; would that be the best number?

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27th Jan 2022 09:34

HMRC were Carp at answering the phones last year to I wrote to them on 1 February 2021. I received a reply (with no apology for the delay) 2 weeks ago.

They updated the clients record and gave a special reference number for them to pay the back dated contributions under.

Reply I received was from - PT Operations North East, BX9 1AN, but contact phone number on HMRC letter was left blank!

There are probably quicker ways and I have 're-registered' with online CWF giving original start date of SE in other cases.

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By Wanderer
27th Jan 2022 09:57

There are probably about 50 previous threads on this subject.

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Replying to Wanderer:
By lionofludesch
27th Jan 2022 13:27

Wanderer wrote:

There are probably about 50 previous threads on this subject.

More than that.

It's an old, old, sad story, going back to 2015. The answer's still the same - the quickest way to deal with it is to fill in form CWF1. Doesn't matter that it's HMRC's fault - it won't change anything.

Make sure that any 2020/21 NIC is paid up by 31st January for voluntary cases.

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By HiddenAccountant
27th Jan 2022 10:09

I had a situation for 2020/21 tax return.
Advised the client of the liability. Client checked their personal tax account and the amount due was less by the class 2 amount.
Called HMRC, we figured out they didn't have him as self employed hence the amended class 2 by HMRC.
HMRC gave me the phone number for the NI people.
Explained the situation to them. They put me on hold for 10mins whilst checking the information on the prior 2 tax returns and in particular looking out whether on the first tax return the client had stated the self employment start date.
This matched the information I gave them.
I was advised that the clients record has been corrected and that it would take 72hrs to filter through to the client's personal tax account.
I advised client and the next day client confirmed correct figure showing on personal tax account.

So in my experience it's worth making the call and sorting there and then if you get someone willing to help on the other end it can be sorted.

Sorry I don't have the phone number I was given but if that's what you were given by the self assessment helpline then it should be the right one.

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By Laurence52
27th Jan 2022 10:54

Try 0300 200 3505 which was the number for self employed NI, the 3500 number is for general NI enquiries.
(3504 for newly self employed).

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