HMRC fishing trip - who is red faced now???

Has anyone else had one of these?

Didn't find your answer?

A while back, HMRC wrote to our client with a fishing letter, noting that repairs were high in his 2022 rental accounts and asking him to check that they were all allowable (they were).

Today I have had a letter saying..........

"....our letter contained misleading advice.  We told you that upgrading a central heating boiler from an older less effient model is an expenses you can't claim relief for

This isn't accurate and we're sorry for the mistake............."

If they can't even get the basics right in their fishing letters, they need to stop sending them.

They could deal with some of the letters we sent them last autumn which are still unanswered first.

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By Justin Bryant
14th Mar 2024 12:55

HMRC must have been reading (perhaps Googling) some of the many dumb comments on the subject here (rather than our R&D credit claim fraud warnings).

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