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HMRC forms

HMRC forms

I have just been looking at the new HMRC toolkits and notice that they say at the top of the pdf file that data typed onto these forms cannot be saved. The case is the same with other forms such as 64-8 and CWF1. I am allowed to print the completed form,scan it and then save it. Does anybody know the reason for not being able to complete online and save directly to the PC.

Many thanks


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By DMGbus
20th May 2010 14:00

Probably a licensing issue / $$ Abobe $$

I expect that $$ Adobe $$ want us all to pay over £300 (or is it over £600?) for the full  $$ Adobe $$ .pdf programme.   

HMRC's use of .pdf software presumably includes paying a licensing fee to $$ Adobe $$ and I expect that this would be much higher if the on screen completeable forms were made user-friendly as being saveable.

The alternative option that I use to save the completed HMRC .pdf forms is a proprietry FREE alternative .pdf program.

doPDF is one such FREE alternative programme...




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By SteveOH
20th May 2010 16:22

Absolutley brilliant!!!!!

Thanks ever so much for that tip. It works. It's free. It's so simple.

I've been on this forum for years now. Why didn't you tell me about this before?:)

Seriously, thanks.

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24th May 2010 10:45

Writing to PDF

Yep, write the file to pdf should be the way.

Unfortunately, in my experience, you can't do this with Companies House documents.  Something goes wrong with the save.  Be nice if it behaved normally and worked for all.

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24th May 2010 11:04


Yep this is a problem but what we do is print the document to a pdf driver (in our case pdffactory) you can however get a free one and others will advise which these are

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24th May 2010 11:13

An alternative to HMRC's toolkits

In passing, I have created a series of Practical Tax Toolkits - these incorporate all HMRC's key points (from their toolkits) PLUS we have added in planning points, know-how and created something really really practical for advisers. We also keep them updated for Budget announcements so they are good for CPD. They are editable (in Word, we can do them in PDF if you really want or customise them.

Our Practical Tax Toolkits  cover sole traders and companies see


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24th May 2010 11:17



Thanks for the comment.

At the moment, I can complete the Companies House form in on-screen but it won't print to pdf using CutePdf which works for all other tasks I set it.

Are you saying that you complete on-screen and then manage to write to file?  

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25th May 2010 10:08


I use paid for versions of the cutepdf software, they are a fraction of the price of the Adobe software: $29 for a "Form Filler" that enables saving of these "fillable" forms & creating fillable forms of your own from existing documents, or $49 for the "Pro" version that enables lots of stuff in terms of creating/editing etc pdfs.  I am sure that the Adobe software is great but the Cutepdf pro does all that any accoutnant is likely to need.

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