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HMRC FPS Email confirmations - extinct?

Not having received emails but do have positive responses

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Is anybody eslse experiencing a lack of email response from HMRC for submitted FPS files?

Just had a call to say they have not seen any emails for a long time but we do have all of the responses with IRMark and such available


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By acceje
19th Feb 2020 15:09

I'm still getting the emails - I have just batch filed two FPS using Moneysoft and received the emails instantly.

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By Wanderer
19th Feb 2020 15:13

We're still getting them.

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By SimonStone
19th Feb 2020 16:47

Likewise, I'm filing through Bright Pay, and still getting the confirmation emails from HMRC.

Sure you have, but worth checking your firewall / junk folders, or even with HMRC to make sure the email they hold is correct?

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By alan.falcondale
19th Feb 2020 18:43

Thanks everyone,, email address had been changed in the payroll app.
I can see the outgoing submission as xml that does have the email included but still no response to that email
Checked junk mail and firewall and nothing caught there
Chasing HMRC now
Thanks again

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