HMRC FRAUD phone call.....what is your experience

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Today I recieved a phone call on my mobile.

Purporting to be from HMRC.

0300 200 7586 is the dodgy number.

Alleging fraud on my tax account.

Requesting me to select  option 1

I hung up at that point.

Now for the coincidence

Last night, Thursday 1st August,  I made 2 calls to HMRC  tech. support, using my mobile.

Then to receive a dodgy call the next day on my mobile number

Have other accountants experienced  such a spooky coincidnce?

Spyware on my phone comes to mind

HMRC did ask if the message referred to an arrest warrant.







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Lone Wolf
By Lone_Wolf
02nd Aug 2019 10:50

It's no coincidence, you're clearly going down for tax fraud and have just hung up on your last chance to settle things amicably.

Don't drop the soap...

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By Justin Bryant
02nd Aug 2019 11:03

I was extremely lucky and managed to avoid HMRC's arrest warrant by simply paying a few £000s in Bitcoin to the nice lady who left a helpful warning message. Nice to see HMRC being accommodating for once. Thank goodness they still do such deals and I suspect Tax Dragon had something to do with this.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
02nd Aug 2019 11:30

I keep getting warned about the arrest warrant out in my name.

The other day I actually pressed 1 to speak to someone (I had a few minutes to spare with nothing to do). They hung once I asked them why they needed me to give them my NINO.

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By Jholm
02nd Aug 2019 11:33

I almost got banged up last month actually. Luckily, after a short phone call and a 5 minute walk to Londis, I was able to purchase just enough Apple gift cards to settle my outstanding debt.

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By LostinSuspense
02nd Aug 2019 11:55

Poodles, wish I'd done a deal now.

You won't believe how awkward it was to smuggle my laptop into prison in the 'usual' place

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By Accountant A
02nd Aug 2019 12:44

My experience is that I ignore numbers that I don't recognise and then Google them. I had an 0300 200 XXXX call the other day and came up as a regular HMRC scammer number.

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By SteveHa
02nd Aug 2019 15:20

I kept getting them, and like others, I chose to ignore them with no ill consequenc......Gotta go, police at the door.

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the sea otter
By memyself-eye
02nd Aug 2019 15:25

I answer them - it's lonely here on my own and the pub isn't open yet. Sometimes I phone myself to see if I answer it.....

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By carnmores
03rd Aug 2019 16:24

I answered one at insistence of client . I was told it was for overpaid income support in the 1990's . I told her that when she came out of prison I would help her claim it for themselves, 'drops phone'

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By LostinSuspense
05th Aug 2019 16:30

Actually an ex-colleague had a phone call from "HMRC" (she did the book keeping for her husband's small business on an evening) telling her the business owed money and the heavies would be round shortly (or something like that) because there was a significant debt outstanding, but they could get this settled with a 15% discount if they paid now by card.

She told them to politely do one (or politer that I would have told them) because she thought it sounded fishy. But afterwards she did query it with me because there was a tiny element of doubt.

If it hadn't been for the discount offered she may even have fallen for it. I reassured her that if nothing has been received in writing, pay nothing and ask for a breakdown of debt to be sent to her and the company's accountants.

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By tinymouse912
08th Aug 2019 14:36

It's better to just block the number and file a report to the real HMRC. I believe 100% it was a scam. You might also want to report the number to some complaint board websites like, so that more people will be aware of these scams.

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