HMRC froze our agent account

Due to suspicious activity, our agent account is frozen

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So, about a month and a half ago, we had a phone call from the revenue, explaining that due to suspcious activity they wanted to suspend our agents account so they could figure out what had happened. In response to that we would recieve a letter in the post with instructions on how to get access back, but in the meantime we wouldn't be able to file anything and that any fines/penalties occured would be waivered. 

We still have not recieved this letter. I've tried calling the revenue and using webchat, and even submitted a compaint to get somthing out of the revenue, but despite being told referrals were made, we haven't heard anything. I can't seem to get any answers from anyone. 

Has this happened to anyone else? Has anyone else actually recieved a letter and has the direct number of the suspicious activity/security team? 

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By L S Thompson
18th Apr 2024 11:49

Thanks - we did read these and try and confirmed everything was above board. Thankfully we had a call yesterday from the revenue and its all been reanimated now.

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Replying to L S Thompson:
By FactChecker
18th Apr 2024 17:31

Could you let us know (with non-detailed and of course non-identifiable wording) the *nature* of why the freeze was applied?
Particularly if it's the type of thing that anyone might do (or omit to do) innocently.

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Replying to FactChecker:
By L S Thompson
19th Apr 2024 10:02

To be honest, we're still not entirely sure why it was frozen. We did have a VAT return filed fraudulently to which we caught it day of filing, so we did everything you're supposed to do. changed passwords, updated and introduced new firewalls/security. Even filling out a V652 to inform the revenue of the VAT return, and calling them to note it on the clients account. But they never blocked that account - we could still access our MTD VAT agents account.
I wish I could have more answers for everyone and a solution, or even a what to avoid answer. Its not been easy in the slightest to navigate this journey, from our point of view we did everything we're supposed to, but for the letter to take a month to reach us, was unacceptable and extremely unhelpful.

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By coulsonl
18th Apr 2024 17:46

So the exact same thing has happened to me, and despite getting a letter which said that if i called the online services helpdesk and they would change my password, it appears that they can't. So it has now been about 6 weeks and although i have made a complaint and made many phone calls, no-one has phoned me back and the HMRC wont give me any contact details so i can speak to someone directly. I continue to phone and they just add another note to my account. I am now losing work as I am unable to submit anything to the HMRC other than VAt returns through my agent services account, Can i ask how long hte whole process took for you and whether you had any feedback as to what caused this problem, Thanks

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Replying to coulsonl:
By L S Thompson
19th Apr 2024 09:56

So we had the initial phone call on the 12th March, and within that phone call they explained that a letter was being sent out to explain what we had to do next.
Between the 20th March and 16th April, (we still had received no letter) but were constantly calling the revenue - daily, if not every other day. to try to find out what to do next. If I wasn't calling them I was on webchat and lucky enough to get through to an agent and explain the situation to them, to which they put in a referral.
Wednesday 17th April we had a phone call from the Revenue explaining that they had now unlocked our account and would be able to help me reset my password. I enquired as to why it had taken them so long and she said she didn't know but that she'd been tasked to help me get back online. (She was from the online helpdesk team)
On Thursday 18th we finally received the letter, which as is said in the one of the links above, is a very generic letter and would have been of no help anyway.

I'm sorry that this has happened to you as well, the number on the letter 0300 200 3600, which I know is the online helpdesk, but all I could suggest is keep at them.

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