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HMRC ( login page - difficulties logging in

What landing page do you use to login ?

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HMRC seem to keep changing the login page for online services. I have a shortcut saved on my browser but after a change last week I'm now having difficulty logging in to some accounts. I currently have access set up for - myself, my wife, my company, company's agent account and company's Agent Services Account.

I have a shortcut to which seemed to change last week. I have never been able to use this for the Agent Services Account so use for this and it seems to work.

BUT I am now having frequent login failures using the first landing page above. I often get the access code on my mobile but when I enter that it goes back to the login screen. At other times I have had a message 'we cannot identify you at this time' with nowhere else to go.

I understand the need for security but why not have a consistent login procedure that just works. And why is the ASA a different login procedure from the main agent account (and even, why have a separate account !)

Life is too short for these pointless hassles or am I getting it wrong ?

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By acceje
29th Mar 2019 16:24

I had the same problem with my bookmarked link no longer working (using Google Chrome). I have the same bookmarked link on Internet Explorer and that works fine !

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Replying to acceje:
By johnhemming
29th Mar 2019 18:08

I find problems during peak times. I have not seen any problems with response times on the APIs, however.

I think the main difficulty is something to do with the signing on mechanisms.

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