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HMRC has a new logo

HMRC has a new logo

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HMRC has a new logo, designed to be part of a uniform look across government, a spokesperson confirmed.

He said that the Revenue intends to keep costs to a minimum in its roll-out and will: "use up publications and stationery bearing the old logo before ordering replacements."

The Cabinet Office has introduced a single identity for government organisations, which will be, it says, more cost effective and make it easier for the public to recognise government departments. 

The spokeperson added that changes were necessary because many departmental logos were unsuitable for the new GOV.UK website. 

HMRC has been migrating to the new portal progressively and is expected to be fully on the portal by March 2014. 

Below is the new logo - what do you think?

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By Elaine Clark
19th Jul 2013 15:19

vanity or insanity

keep costs to a minimum = cost involved


I should have thought the money could have been much better spent elsewhere 

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By Moonbeam
19th Jul 2013 15:22

Good Grief

There goes some of my hard earned tax down the pan. Instead of worrying their pretty little heads about logos, why don't they spend the money on enhancing their database of agents so they aren't spending a fortune on posting lots of items separately to us?

Better still, why don't they enhance their systems so they can email us securely and save a real bomb on postage.

When can we have someone sensible running the show who understands as we all do that it doesn't take rocket science to cut some of these costs?

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By David O'Keeffe
19th Jul 2013 15:38

Easier to recognise?

"make it easier for the public to recognise government departments'

Hmm, did anyone actually have a problem recognising the old logo? No? Thought not. Actually, this new one look a lot easier for the scammers to copy.


"changes were necessary because many departmental logos were unsuitable for the new GOV.UK website."

Ah, I had a feeling that the Government Digital Service would be behind this. Fresh from the success of ......


Shameful waste of money.

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By tracybbs
19th Jul 2013 15:39

I wonder how much it actually did cost

to design a new logo that looks almost exactly the same as the old one

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By non-sequitor
19th Jul 2013 15:47

If they didn't spend the money on a design refresh, they'd only waste it on staff training and development, and may even have been able to cut down call waiting times.

It's all about priorities surely?

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By bernard michael
19th Jul 2013 15:49

I have an HMRC letter in front of me and apart from the fact that the crown is to the left of HM Revenue and there is no green line it is identical

Think of the jobs created in the marketing depts designing this rubbish. We should be grateful for the jobs that our government is granting the unemployable


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Time for change
By Time for change
19th Jul 2013 16:15

Last week I donated some of my shopping

to a food bank charity. No regrets, no qualms whatsoever. I buy the Big Issue whenever I can.

Can you imagine the absolute dismay of those who volunteer for these good causes, to hear such twaddle. Civil Servants, Politician's, Spin Doctors, all need to get off their butts and smell the coffee.

In closing I just wonder what Ms (Margaret) Hodge and Mester (Keith) Vaz would say about it all. Oops I forgot, they've either closed the shop early (known as a recess until September), or they're about too!


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By Kazmc
19th Jul 2013 15:55


It is hardly any different, I think most people wont even realise its changed!!

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By Les Howard
19th Jul 2013 16:02

not so serious point

I much prefer the avatars from the previous posts above!

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By Moonbeam
19th Jul 2013 16:23

I have a better idea for a logo

I am sure Mouse would be happy to design a logo of a trusty official fighting fraudulent taxpayers. I mean one of his excellent mobile ones. I think he could do it in an hour or so.

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By Edward Debris
19th Jul 2013 16:34

There could be an explanation.

The green ink they have been using may be about to cost 10,000 times as much - agree with the gentleman that said it would be easier for scammers to copy.

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By ver1tate
19th Jul 2013 17:43

New Logo

Looks like they ran out of ink when printing it.

As The Bard said 'Much ado about nothing'

Except for the cost!!!!

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Chris M
By mr. mischief
19th Jul 2013 19:44

from the horses' mouth

Exchange on recent HMRC Conferences webinar:

Lin Homer: We've undertaken work on projects and doing things differently - we hope you know we are listening to your views

Me: Howls of laughter from the rest of the country!

Let's face it Lin.  If you were listening to us you'd fix the low hanging fruit instead of mucking around with daft logo changes.

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By nigelburge
20th Jul 2013 13:23

and stop calling us customers!!!!!

I REALLY hate that.

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Chris M
By mr. mischief
20th Jul 2013 14:34

My suggestions

Lin, be honset and call us one of the following:

1.  Victims.

2.  Mug punters.

3.  Unpaid processing lackeys.

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By the_Poacher
20th Jul 2013 15:23

Complain about forms etc
Knowing HMRC it will be years before they get round to using the new logo on outputs. Why not give it till the end of the month and after that report every form or letter with the old logo to HMRC as though it's a fake

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By DMGbus
20th Jul 2013 15:56

Subtle change in 2010

Back in August 2010 the HMRC website changed from using Green to the current Aqua colour.  No logo change at that time.  I can't recall any announcement about that at the time, maybe their "software partners" were in need of extra fees at the time?


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By pawncob
22nd Jul 2013 21:34

£1.4m at 2006 prices+inflation


It won't have been cheap. 


and I didn't spot any difference.

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By Mouse007
10th Sep 2013 14:44

Here you go New Logo for HM Rat Catchers

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By Mouse007
07th Oct 2013 13:38

Even better



It's that middle finger that does it for me, brilliant

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