HMRC Helplines...what has happened?

All helplines appear to be having technical difficulties

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Are there any other Accountants experiencing difficulties contacting HMRC today ....I mean, more than usual??

While I was fully prepared for a 50 minute wait to be connected...  I cannot seem to get through on any number as they all appear to be suffering from 'technical difficulties' today. I have tried the CIS, PAYE, and new employers lines, as well as the agent dedicated SA line - all to no avail.

Have the staff just given up & gone home?? Have HMRC even noticed :) Have they decided it is best to just close them once and for all, never to return!



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By SkyBlue22
16th May 2024 14:09

I tried to ring the Group VAT registration line earlier and although it had the normal spiel at the beginning, it said it would transfer me and then just went silent before cutting me off after 30 seconds. I assumed nobody would take the call but it could have been technical difficulties if the other lines are having issues.

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By JB101
16th May 2024 14:34

HMRC have probably trialled being fully digital as it is what us agents have been asking them to do for years and will help every customer pay the correct amount of tax {sarcasm}

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Basset Hound
By Cuchulainn
16th May 2024 15:02

I was on hold on the Agent Helpline for 56 minutes this morning - then got unceremoniously kicked out .
'Please try again later. Goodbye!' :-(

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By Dougscott
16th May 2024 15:31

Maybe Jim Harra has accidentally pulled the plug out.

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Replying to Dougscott:
By Tornado
16th May 2024 15:47

He possibly tripped over the wire in his rush to the exit door when he finally realised that things were not going very well for him.

He may have been heading in the right direction for the exit door, but just remembered that he had not yet picked up his gong. Hopefully he will find the exit door really easily the next time he tries to get out.

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By Jason Croke
16th May 2024 15:40

"Harra's Revenge", the much expected sequel to the original "Harra Horror".

Hey, tech glitches happen, Tesco and McDonalds couldn't take credit card payments a few months back, but at least those corporates, who understand what a customer is, apologised publicly on social media/news outlets.

HMRC will just pretend nothing was wrong and probably argue it is the agent or taxpayers fault for not knowing how to use a phone properly and that had the taxpayer or agent used digital channels* to communicate with HMRC then there wouldn't have been any problems.

*digital channels does not include webchat or emails.

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By WhiteRose
16th May 2024 15:54

Also tried using Webchat today - typed in 'speak to an advisor' to try to get through to a person and got the immediate response that there was nobody available.
Maybe they've all gone on strike!

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Replying to WhiteRose:
By Tornado
16th May 2024 16:07

They just might have gone on strike.

With £51 million being promised by the Government to improve services, what a great time for staff to go on strike in order to get their share of more money from the replenished money pit.

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By suepg
16th May 2024 16:26

Thanks everyone, I knew your answers wouldn't disappoint . . .unlike HMRC :)

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Replying to suepg:
By FactChecker
16th May 2024 18:57

Nobody yet suggested the same as my first suspicion ...
... that they're using the few lines & staff as a 'live' test-bed for potential new recruits under the £51m 'scheme'.

Of course then they'll need those same resources dedicated to the in-depth 2 weeks of training for the new recruits ... and recycle all the above when the drop-out rate of new recruits jumps before the end of training.

So 'full utilisation' (but no access to the great unwashed) for the foreseeable future ... now that's what I call revenge (Harra style)!

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Pile of Stones
By Beach Accountancy
16th May 2024 19:26

They probably couldn't use BT's digital offering and so didn't pay the phone bill

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By HL86
17th May 2024 07:28

I was lucky yesterday, I got through! Although, not sure lucky was the right word to use....

I had to ring the VAT helpline yesterday about UK establishments for NETP's, we have a non resident individual with a UK FHL. Trying to determine if they have a UK establishment or not which will affect if they have a £90k VAT threshold or not.

Agent was pleasant, I gave her my query, off she went. Back she came and told me if you are letting out a commercial or residential property on any basis that this is an exempt supply.... I said, that's not right and explain OTT and FHL's. She said oh, off she went again, came back, Yes that's right she confirmed!

Once we clarified that point I then moved on to my point again about non res individual etc, she then had another look and starter explaining the NRL scheme and how they deduct 20% tax. I also know what this is and it has nothing to do with VAT but income tax, explained what it was, off she went again. Was back forwards like this for a while...

Honestly, not sure why I wasted 40 mins yesterday,was mainly me teaching HMRC agent...

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