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HMRC - here we go again


Clients record with HMRC re 2016-17 return . Both he & I have a letter saying no return to be submitted and none have. Note the last line below showing received 30th May 2017. How when no-one has sent one???

Issued on:

25 May 2017

File on paper by:

31 Oct 2017

File online by:

31 Jan 2018

Submitted on:


Received on:

30 May 2017 


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19th Jun 2017 11:31

It is their way of saying that although a notice was issued, no return is now expected.

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19th Jun 2017 11:36

I've had a similar situation and, the return is marked as "received" 24th May 2017.
I can only assume that, once a notice to produce a return, has been issued, HMRC has to document evidence that the notice has been satisfied, hence the date is entered when HMRC consider that a return is no longer required?

Edit; Euan beat me to the post!

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By Bacc
19th Jun 2017 11:36

I think this is when somebody at HMRC then updates the record to say that no SAITR is due, so effectively closing the case. You might find that next year no SAITR will show as being issued.

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19th Jun 2017 14:02

Whichever way you dress it up it's still b*llocks

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19th Jun 2017 14:09

had the same, the Revenue's inability to do a job properly....a fudge by any other word. But then do we want to have to beg to have someone taken off SA.

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19th Jun 2017 17:09

I think this is one of their gentler oddities, we have certain parts of our software that are poorly designed, so in order to mark someone as not needed you sometimes have to make it look like you did the return. So I can sympathise.

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