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HMRC - I criticise often

So I should give credit where it's due.

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On Monday 14 October I noticed via a message on the agent portal that a new VAT registration in respect of one of our clients had been refused, and so on the same day I drafted our appeal and posted. The earliest that HMRC would have received it would have been Tuesday 15. Today, Friday 18 October, HMRC have called me (before 10:30 AM) and confirmed receipt and that registration will proceed.

A 4 day turnround. Is that not pretty much unprecedented these days.

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Lone Wolf
By Lone_Wolf
18th Oct 2019 10:32

Clearly other forces at work. Maybe the postie slipped through a wormhole and delivered it three months ago? Only reasonable explanation.

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Replying to Lone_Wolf:
By whitevanman
18th Oct 2019 14:18

Or is the reply in respect of a totally different entity and they have just mixed them up..?

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