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HMRC issuing ridiculous emails

re late/not late returns

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Anyone had any clients tell them they've received HMRC emails reminding them that their returns are due and offering the usual helpful links?    I got one in my inbox this morning and assumed it was a genreic one in regard to any of my clients that hadn't done the returns yet.  Deleted as not relevant.  But a client has just forwarded 2 emails to me, one advising her that her return is due, the other offering her the usual links.  Her return was submitted in August.   I called HMRC and they had no idea, there is nothing advising them that there was a ream of such emails going out.  And before you ask, its not a scam, they are valid webinar and video links. 

I have a nasty feeling that in the next 2 weeks I am going to have a ton of clients calling me up and asking why I haven't sent in their tax returns that were done months ago.  Give me strength..


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11th Dec 2018 17:20

Can’t wait for that fun to start.

Definitely not a scam?

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11th Dec 2018 18:28

How did they get the taxpayer's email address ?

You weren't daft enough to put it on a form of some kind, were you ?

On another point, can you have "reams" of emails ? They're not paper.

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to lionofludesch
12th Dec 2018 08:16

No, I'm not that daft! I'm assuming they're going to do this to all of those with a government gateway. I always tell clients not to give away their phone or email.

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By MJShone
12th Dec 2018 09:38

I helped a colleague with her tax return. Submitted in July via HMRC portal and colleague paid the tax. (Not a huge amount and she preferred to pay it straight away.) Amendment submitted in August for additional rental expenses. Correct repayment made very quickly by HMRC. Colleague got an e mail from HMRC yesterday saying she hadn't submitted her return. When we checked online, the amendment was shown as not submitted and there was a "debt" due of the amount of the repayment. But they'd made the repayment, so the amendment must have been captured and then escaped!

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