HMRC Latest Gobbledegook - Are They Having a Laugh

Utter Twaddle!!

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This is an extract from HMRC’s latest publication “Agent Update 60”

"Customer Journeys - a fresh approach

As part of HMRC’s commitment to improving customer experience and interactions with HMRC, we are taking a fresh approach and are pioneering some high level journeys, putting the customer at the heart of what we do.

One of the first priorities has been to start development of a Paid Agent Journey. Toni Clark, who leads on the customer journey work, attended the March Virtual Communications Group (VCG) meeting to discuss the planned agent journey with the PBs. Building on the insight HMRC already hold and to further understand the existing pain points from the agent perspective and the impacts they have on this journey, a co-creation event was held in March with members of representative bodies sourced through the VCG.

The representative bodies who joined the event could see the value in the customer journey work - here are a couple of quotes from the attendees:

“As a practitioner I am pleased to see you are carrying out this exercise as it will not only assist HMRC in focussing on stress points but also assist us in dealing with our clients in an efficient manner”.

“I believe it is imperative that HMRC hold customer journey meetings such as the one you ran especially with the agent community”.

During the co-creation event, opportunities to improve the journey were identified and captured. Feedback from the event allowed HMRC to create a visual representation of the experiences that agents shared, which fed into the Agent Journey sprint with internal stakeholders, representing the voice of the agent.

The voice of the agent is integral to the agent journey work. HMRC are committed to working with agents to improve their experience and interactions with them and will continue to communicate this work. HMRC are planning to test the outcomes from the Agent Journey sprint in due course. If you or your members would like to volunteer to take part in assisting with this, or be part of future Agent Journeys, please send your name, email address, details of how you would like to be involved and PB (if you would like to be involved and PB (if you belong to one) to Agent Engagement Mailbox."


If you can understand it, should we register to get involved?

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By bernard michael
30th Jun 2017 16:23

What kind of ignorant cretins are they now employing. It gets worse daily
Imagine going on a journey with HMRC as your travelling companion
You'd be throwing up before you left the driveway

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
30th Jun 2017 16:33

They used to call it "working together"

Two words we can all understand.

Now its wrapped in management babble which is designed entirely to look as if you are saying something, when you are saying precisely nothing.

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By Ruddles
30th Jun 2017 16:44

ireallyshouldknowthisbut wrote:
They used to call it "working together"

Two words we can all understand.

But not, from my experience, HMRC. What I tended to find was that "Working Together" consisted of meetings with HMRC representatives telling agents "This is how we see things - and don't care how you see them."

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Replying to Ruddles:
By Cyrille1987
30th Jun 2017 16:46

As manifested these days in MTD.

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30th Jun 2017 16:42

Humphrey Appleby 1 : Ernest Gowers 0

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By Democratus
30th Jun 2017 16:58

Hey. I am not an Agent so this all seems a bit weird to me.

How do you get to go on this journey?
Do you get coverage from ITV showing the emotional ups and downs you go through just to get the chance to call the Agent's help line?
Is your granny involved in any way?
Is what you are doing going to make her proud?
How are the votes of Joe Public collected to see who goes through to the next week?
Is there a behind the scenes expose showing what happens when you encounter an HMRC idol or a tear jerking moment when you are congratulated on following HMRC guidelines instead of the legislation?

Seems a bit strange.....

Total poppyco*k.

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By thomas34
30th Jun 2017 18:21

I think I might volunteer.

When I was a lot younger my PB for the 100 yard sprint was around 12 seconds.

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By Tornado
30th Jun 2017 23:43

How to say something without saying anything. There is probably a degree for that.

I might book up for this journey. Do you think it will include the Pyramids?

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Replying to Tornado:
paddle steamer
01st Jul 2017 12:26

The Pyramid Stage got removed, I think it is now solely reserved for JC.

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Replying to DJKL:
By Tornado
01st Jul 2017 16:04

Three cheers for JC and his mate John. What lovely men they are.

Are they on this journey?

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By bettybobbymeggie
01st Jul 2017 08:23

I couldn't read past the first paragraph. What a load of tosh.

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By Ruddles
01st Jul 2017 09:53

Reminds me of one of those classic Fry and Laurie sketches

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By andy.partridge
01st Jul 2017 15:09

Teenagers at their after-school business club playing at being an advertising agency.
It made me a wretch looking at the utterly banal masquerading as serious commentary.

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By DMGbus
01st Jul 2017 15:28

I believe that the journey is:


Let's just abbreviate that as MTD.

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By SteveHa
01st Jul 2017 19:42

I tend to find, when dealing with technical stuff, or enquiries, when you actually have a named individual to deal with, HMRC aren't too bad.

In all other cases, they have a teenage scriptwriter who knows absolutely nothing doing and posting stuff completely unsupervised.

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03rd Jul 2017 13:04

One for the Pseuds column in Private Eye

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By rolloburgess
03rd Jul 2017 14:18

What is that all about ??????

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By k.bonney2
03rd Jul 2017 17:18

Up to now HMRC has been good at 'transmit' but hopeless at 'receive'.

Had it been better at 'receive' we would all have been spared the avoidable inconveniences of, for example

a. the marriage allowance transfer muddle.
b. the class II (non) transfer to SA muddle.
c. the 2016/17 tax calculation muddle.

about which it was warned by all and sundry well in advance.

I hope this old HMRC dog is genuinely trying to re-learn the trick of how to listen. Shame it didn't start sooner.

Yes, the language is awful. How ironic that just as they are remebering how to do 'listen' they are forgetting how to do 'transmit'!!!

Over and out.

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