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HMRC launches a consultation re ESC A19

HMRC launches a consultation re ESC A19

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I know I am a cynic when it comes to HMRC's initiatives but this one takes the biscuit.. It is clear from the revised wording that they are trying to shift the responsability of their mistakes unto the unwary employee/pensioner who has every right to believe that HMRC is correctly dealing with any information supplied by their employer(s) and/or pension providers...

recently we have had a number of appeal under ESC A19 rejected and HMRC's argument is "the taxpayer should have known that they had not paid enough tax at source"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the fact that they incorrectly calculated the car benefit for a change that incurred in the tax year and which had been reported correctly by the employer both on forms P46(car) and P11D is irrelevant as far as they are concerned. The Taxpayer should have been able to work it out for himself..

Their arrogance knows no bound and frankly it is about time that our institutes stopped sitting on their hands and truly represent their members by making HMRC and the government know that their attitude are unacceptable..

they have no time limits to back date assessments so why should the taxpayer be time barred from making a claim against their incompetence? All they have to do is send the P800T in February or March of the tax year following the end of the year when underpayment arose, compound that to the post delays (first class does not mean next day delivery anymore) and many taxpayers will find that the 5 April is upon them and that their tax codes have been adjusted and there is nothing they can do about it.

If they really want to stop these errors occuring they should make everyone file tax returns a they do in the US, France etc..

AND they should ensure that they provide the right training to HMRC's staff...

 I know I am  acynic I I

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Tom McClelland
By TomMcClelland
16th Jul 2012 11:21

Still the same self-serving P14 limitation

They still limit the ESC to cases where they were given a P45/P46/P11D and failed to act on it.

So they exclude their own inexcusible failure to act on P14 from the ESC. The only reason for this limitation is because the P14 data is largely excellent and they know that they'd have to give up virtually every case if they accepted it.

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