HMRC-MTD sorted in one fell swoop

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I propose starting a petition for the following resolution:

The government should consider immediately replacing Jim Harra with Paula Vennells (exCBE) as the new CEO of HMRC. Further, to improve 'customer services', Angela van den Bogerd should take over as the HMRC director of customer services?

Seen in this light, taxpayers and the government might finally wake up to the reality of what is going on at HMRC. The above indviduals I suggest would be well placed and experienced to spin how wonderful, robust and accurate HMRC MTD-ITSA digital plans are!

What do you think?

Any suggestions or other nominated individuals to be added to the petition would be gratefully received!

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By Postingcomments
01st May 2024 12:53

My technique is to pay this stuff no mind at all.
They're not listening. Let them do what they want. Let it fail.
It isn't for me to question "the experts".

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By Paul Crowley
01st May 2024 12:56

Keep it simple
Most people would not have a clue who you are looking to promote

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By Mr Hankey
01st May 2024 13:14

I propose Diane Abbott to look after the numbers side of things.

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Replying to Mr Hankey:
By Martin B
01st May 2024 14:37

My friend tells me Daine was a keen England fan and was discussing formations with G Soutgate. His favoured formation was 1-4-4-2. Daine's was 1-6-5-4 or 1+5+4+3+2+1.

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Replying to Mr Hankey:
By Paul Crowley
01st May 2024 15:02


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By Leywood
01st May 2024 13:27

What job for Fred the Shred?

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By stepurhan
01st May 2024 13:27

I'd say that is a petition that has no chance of getting looked at.

Petitions need to have wide appeal to attract sufficient signatures to be debated. Proposing the appointment of two specific people will be enough to put most potential signatories off, because few of them will know enough about either to know if they are good picks or not. Speaking personally, I haven't even heard of second pick until now.

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Replying to Leywood:
By rmillaree
01st May 2024 14:24

him and Bob Diamond would have to job share it.

How about head of "disposal of confidential information"

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By Dougscott
01st May 2024 13:39

Civil servants are generally inter-changeable.

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Replying to Dougscott:
paddle steamer
01st May 2024 14:42

Am going to become a bit concerned tonight if it is not my daughter who returns from Victoria Quay and sits down to eat with us.

However not all CS's are interchangeable, I doubt anyone here could do her job without a first degree in GeoSciences and an Msc in Urban Planning.

Some roles are a little niche and involve technical knowledge, just a shame HMRC do not spread such skills widely across their staff. Also seem to remember HMRC staff used to get paid slightly more than near equivalent general CS grades, so a TA got more than a CA, a TO more than a CO, and a TOGH more than an EO. ( I nearly joined as a TOGH in 1984, did test/interview/got offer then decided to go back to university rather than take job)

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By williams lester accountants
01st May 2024 14:27


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By pauld
01st May 2024 14:58

Yes I think the perfect team. They can immediately get on with prosecuting tax evaders, or perhaps maybe just innocent taxpayers due to an MTD glitch, which of course couldn't happen as the MTD system will be robust.

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