HMRC mystery

HMRC mystery

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Today I received in the post a standard HMRC window envelope correctly addressed. It's contents consisted of a single sheet of paper blank except for our address to coincide with the envelope window. Do HMRC think I am either clairvoyant or lonely or easily upset by their letters and therefore didn't send one. Alternatively is this the start of a type of Da Vinci code puzzle? In case anyone asks I haven't yet tried testing for invisible ink.

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By Constantly Confused
21st Feb 2011 12:05

The question is...

...what are they trying to say?

Maybe it is like a secret society thing, they send you their calling card and you just KNOW what it means.

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By tracybbs
21st Feb 2011 12:38

How comforting it is to know that in these tough economic times the HMRC are being careful with tax payers money and keeping their letters within the weight that allows them to use the cheapest postal options....well done HMRC!!

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21st Feb 2011 13:52


We received two PAYE/NIC payment booklet for the same client on the same day.

Talk about spending cut




-- R Dodhia

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By mwngiol
21st Feb 2011 14:11

We had the same

You have to take the 'blank' page into a clearing in the woods at midnight on the night of a full moon and the writing will be revealed.

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By cymraeg_draig
21st Feb 2011 14:30


It's probably the most intelligent letter you've ever had from them.

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By taxhound
21st Feb 2011 17:30

In a bid to save money

They assume you know what  they are thinking, so they don't have to waste time typing the letter.

I had a letter from them last week, telling me to quote all reference numbers for the new client it related to.  Guess what - no reference numbers on the letter.  Obviously they don't want me to reply.

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