HMRC negotiation specialists?

HMRC negotiation specialists?

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....Took a call from a client who has a friend (no really, he has!) who has fallen off the HMRC radar for a number of year but wants now to come clean. Do we have any people on here who specialise in this kind of work. The person is London based and I believe an electrician. If anyone would like to PM me I can pass the details on via my client.

Many thanks ...    Steve

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By Toppers
09th Sep 2014 17:20

We can help.

We are tax dispute experts and do this kind of thing on a daily basis. More than happy to chat to you, your client or their 'friend'! Matt Blake ( 0115 9835589

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By Steve Holloway
10th Sep 2014 08:23

Thanks Matt ....

I will forward your contact details to my client to pass on. I'll make sure they mention my name so you know where this has come from.




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