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HMRC not Acknowledging Complaint

What can I do next? HMRC is holding onto about £15k

Director of single director/shareholder company took maternity leave, and the company paid SMP. Company requested advance funding. HMRC asked some questions, which I answered, but then simply went silent. I called them and was told there was no intention to pay the advance funding or to respond to my letters. I then sent in a complaint but have had no response. I therefore called the number on the HMRC web site and was referred to two other numbers, the second of which had a recorded message telling me they were too busy to take calls. I have already asked the Agent Account Manager for help, to no avail.

I understand I can only go to the adjudicator when I have "completed tier one and tier two of the organisation's own complaints procedure, and have received a final response from them". 

Can anyone recommend what to do next? The only thing I can think of is to ask my MP to refer it to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.


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16th Jan 2018 14:00

I can't comment on the accounting issue but I have in the past complained to HMRC successfully, via my MP who sent my complaint to top bod at HMRC. It took a while to resolve but I even received a small goodwill gesture (a cheque in my favour). The payment was described as representing their acknowledgement of my valid arguments; it was not supposed to represent the value of any anguish they had caused me. In fact my MP was so impressed with my letter of complaint that he forwarded a copy of it to someone in the Treasury. I would say: compose the letter well, make good arguments and state clearly what you expect from HMRC. Then, with any further correspondence on the subject of the complaint, copy it to the MP, not for his/her action but so that HMRC can see that you are not going to let it slip and so that they will not be able to say that they did not receive your correspondence. Hope that helps.

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By chatman
to Madnessfan
16th Jan 2018 14:22

Thank Madnessfan

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By mumpin
17th Jan 2018 11:48

£15k seems a large amount. Was employee on £1900 per week?

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