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HMRC notifications of VAT authority code expiry

HMRC notifications of VAT authority code expiry

I have just received a notification from H M Revenue and Customs that the authorisation number requested for VAT online services for a client has expired and I need to go through the authorisation process again.  I activated the authority about a month ago and have already submitted an online VAT return for the client.  I have got the submission reference etc for the return but I am concerned that something might have gone amiss at HMRC end.  Has anyone else experienced this?


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23rd Nov 2011 15:22


It puzzled me too at the time.  I cannot remember which client, but it does not seem to have affected any of our client VAT activations.  However, unless we are filing VAT returns direct from book-keeping software, we always file through VAT Online as agents, so it does not matter.

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23rd Nov 2011 16:28

This amazes me

I put my pin into a chip and pin machine this morning and realised the pin was wrong after the second digit. The guy said the transaction was authorised successfully before I could reinput the correct pin. "Yeah, it sometimes does that"

So much for chip and pin security


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By DMGbus
24th Nov 2011 09:12

Known issue

This issue is known to HMRC and HMRC seem to be in no hurry to sort it.

Such is the quality of IT professionals used by HMRC, be they inhouse or outside contractors.

Only seems to affect VAT authorisations (not CT, SA).

Does not affect ability to continue to file VAT returns online for clients in my experience.


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