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HMRC Online authorisation rejections

HMRC Online authorisation rejections

 Help requested

Trying to get clients authorisation on-line. Despite UTR number as given by HMRC and Company registration numbers as per Company House, attempts get rejected on basis HMRC cannot recognise client. Checked numbers dozens of time and tried postcodes as well. Keep getting rejections.

Have not tried phoning HMRC as besides the run around previous experiences are that they are unhelpfull or have no clue what to do.

Can anyone in the forum help wit advise or a usefull number to call.

Yes I know I can send in a paper one but on line should work and did for a number of clients.


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By happy
05th Jul 2011 09:00

No logic to it

 I cant ever see any logic in why some fail and some dont - I had a spate when lots were rejected when I knew the details were correct and 'touch wood' all seems to be working well now. I tried numerous attempts changing details and re-submitting but some I've just had to resort to the old paper 64-8 as HMRC couldnt offer any solution.

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05th Jul 2011 09:46

Familiar story

The occasional case is problematic.

I rarely succeed by putting in the company registration number whether including a leading zero (to make it up to 8 characters) or not.  It has been so long since I tried that route that I would not now know whether to expect any success at all.

If anything it is more helpful to use the post code alternative, because if you do succeed then at least you know that the security code is being sent out to a predictable place.

It may be worthwhile checking with Companies House whether there have been any changes of registered office address filed in recent years.  Despite HMRC website suggesting that they get notified automatically by Companies House within 14 days my experience is that this almost never happens without separate prompting by the taxpayer or agent, and the address at HMRC sometimes stays out of date for a long time.  If there have been changes you can try the old postcodes.  It will not be much help if successful because the security code will be sent to the old address.  By the time that it gets forwarded on it may well have expired.

I think that online authorisation is the way to go if you can get it to work, and before resorting to a paper one which will either get delayed or lost you might get the client to give HMRC a phone call and check the required criteria.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood

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05th Jul 2011 10:06

Try using just the UTR and postcode

That always seems to work for me.

For some reason the company number often seems to cause the problem (which is bizarre as that is always going to be correct)

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By jonkaye
05th Jul 2011 10:22

Try, try and try again

I had a similar problem very recently and the solution was one that would not have occurred to me!

I knew the UTR was correct, I knew the postcode was correct and I tried the company registration number both with and without the leading zero.

Eventually, after speaking to someone at HMRC, I successfully entered the required data, which was the UTR and the postcode, BUT,  for this particular case, as advised by HMRC, I had to leave two spaces rather than one between the two parts of the postcode.

Try it and see - you may be lucky!

All the best.



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05th Jul 2011 11:10

Call the online helpdesk 08456 055 999

I had one of these recently and after trying to do it one last time whilst reading out the details I was entering to the person on the helpdesk, they agreed it wasn't that I couldn't type! They either tell you that the details you are entering don't match their system (in which case you need your client to contact the appropriate tax office to update the details) or if they do supposedly match then they put their technical team on the case and give you a case reference number. They even call back when the problem has been fixed. The one that I had was an error on their database - something to do with info in the wrong field or extra space character issues.

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By SteveOH
05th Jul 2011 14:58

Like Clint, I don't use the Company Number

Usually the Company Tax reference and postcode works for me. Until recently when, try as I might, I couldn't get HMRC to accept the postcode when I knew it to be correct. I'd had recent letters from HMRC which showed the correct postcode etc.

Then I just happened to look at the new client's Incorporation documents and found that the formation agents had got the postcode slightly wrong. And this was the postcode that HMRC had picked up originally (about 3 years previously) when issuing there CT41G.

So I input the "incorrect" postcode and voila.

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06th Jul 2011 08:20

HMRC authorisations - tried all the answers. No luck.

Thanks for the responses.

I also tried only post code and both number and post code. I also now tried Jon Kaye's suggestion ex HMRC with two spaces as well as nil spaces. Regretfully none worked.

I have not phoned the number as given as previous experience on another matter had the HMRC lady asking me what an UTR number is. Not confidence inspiring. HMRC putting on a technical team may have worked the one time for one of the respondants but it beggers the question why so many of us struggle and it is on-going. Not a very good technical team if they can only fix one at a time.

The best answer seems to be "use the 64-8 form" and much as we are in the 21st century and HMRC is forcing all to go more and more on line this seems to be the route to go. What a shambles.

I will continue to monitor replies in case a unique answer maybe solves it for all of us.

Thanks guys.

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06th Jul 2011 08:27

When you say you have tried all the answers

does that include my suggestion that you get the client to contact HMRC to ask for the required criteria for the online authorisation fields?

With kind regards

Clint Westwood

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06th Jul 2011 08:47

HMRC Get client to phone? No.

To Clint

No I did not ask the client to phone. Do not want them to go through that.

However the criteria should be simple. UTR number. No error there as a HMRC document. Company number - checked it with company house and yes correct. Tried with and without leading zero. Postcode - client at same address for last 10 years and yes correctly entered and tried with no spacing, one spacing and as suggested 2 spacing.

Various combinations and permutations. So do not think getting criteria will help as there is a finite number and all tried.

Currently ALL my online registrations are being rejected so not confined to one client.

I have had this before and then contineuous trying managed to get accpeted. Just getting frustrated that its always HMRC which is giving me grief and not of mine or clients making.

But thanks Clint.

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By DMGbus
06th Jul 2011 08:54

Wildcard - directors home address postcode

I had difficulties getting the online authorisation to work - using the correct postcode for the registered office.

Then, I thought, let's try the postcode for the director's home address - and it worked!

It would appear that the director had told HMRC that the new company address was the director's home address rather than the factory & registered office address.  HMRC accepted this from the director into its systems without checking with Companies House.

Next problem (one of "those" clients who in retrospect should have their registered office at their accountants offices) trying to get the code from the client before it expires!

A variation on this theme is if HMRC have the correct registered office address but slightly wrong postcode (or an extra space in the postcode on their systems).   Answer here is to use the CT return notice postcode data [works every time for an established company that's completed a year' trading;  for new companies use the CT41G to ascertain precise postcode (be it correct or not) on HMRC systems].



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06th Jul 2011 09:34

Wildcard? Worth a try


Will try that. Sounds very plausible

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06th Jul 2011 17:37

Character's suggestion

This is for when there is an IT reason for the problem.

The IT person does not know anything about tax but can see why a submission is failing-- Marion

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