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How do you get round online filing problem?

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A large company has an EMI scheme for certain senior employees.  None of these employees works in the accounts department, who file all other payroll information electronically.  The company does not wish to file their EMI40 online because it would mean that the confidential information would then be visible to the accounts department.  HMRC refuses to accept the information by letter and is being characteristically intransigent.  Has anybody come across a way round this sort of problem?  Thank you!

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By Tim Vane
01st Aug 2016 14:59

Well, it's not really HMRC that are being intransigent, is it. Get one of the overpaid executives to walk down to the accounts department and file the damn form.

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By WhichTyler
02nd Aug 2016 16:42

When the accounts department come to prepare the annual accounts and disclosures, are they supposed to do it with blindfolds on?

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