HMRC online Corporation Tax filing

HMRC online Corporation Tax filing

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I file about 20 Corp Tax returns a year using HMRC online and since the new system came in I have problems when I've completed a return and then saved it for example to take the print out to the client for signature. When I come back the file thats saved is a hardcopy but I can't then resume and send it off. I have to retype the whole thing again and send it off whilst its open. I only use the tax return part the report and calcs I send as attachments. The helpdesk have checked my settings. Please tell me wise ones what am I doing wrong!

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By User deleted
10th Mar 2010 07:19

not wise one but

I had similar problems. Called the helpline and got a recorded message that due to industrial action please call back on Thursday. As I had a hard signed copy, I just pressed the submit button.  Hoping for the best.

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By Dougscott
23rd Mar 2024 10:43

I thought Agents couldn't use HMRC,s CT online software or has something changed.?

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By AdamJones82
23rd Mar 2024 12:06

Why is a post from 2010 showing?!

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Replying to AdamJones82:
By Paul Crowley
24th Mar 2024 01:25

AccyWeb can be a bit kooky
K81's recent question went straight to an old question by a different member
Amy thinks all matters can be done on line
These issues demonstrate the people need to fix techno cocks-up

Trending often seems to pick up items from years ago, both on the main articles screen trilogy and the Any answers quartet.

People have asked before, but answers that are credible seem to be rare.

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