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HMRC online missing filing

I receive the submission ID code but no trace of my filing on HMRC's website

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This has happened twice in the last month. I receive the reference number, time stamp and submission ID.

When I look some days later there is no trace. Is it just me?

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By claudialowe
05th Jul 2022 09:02

What are you filing? I know that tax returns can take a few days to show up on their system.

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Replying to claudialowe:
By swatt66
05th Jul 2022 09:32

One was a personal tax return filed using HMRC's website (this resulted in a late filing penalty).
One was a personal tax credit balance refund request, also filed through the HMRC website.
No trace of the filings on HMRC's website weeks later, and a phone call response said "we can only handle this via a written appeal". (and we know how long written appeals take these days)

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