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HMRC online out of action?

HMRC online out of action?

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Anyone know if the HMRC online is out of action at the moment - I am getting a message indicating it is, however I get the same message if I enter the wrong login/password on purpose, so I am wondering if I have got my login or password wrong!?

Thanks - hoping for a quick response.

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The triggle is a distant cousin of the squonk (pictured)
By Triggle
21st Jul 2014 22:30

Yes it's all out of action due to a scheduled upgrade until midnight tonight.

Click on the Online Service availability link on the System Error screen to view the details.

Looks like you are in for a late night!

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By Darren Loring
21st Jul 2014 22:41

Thanks - it can wait until tomorrow, but wanted to get it filed and out of the way! - typical.

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By petersaxton
21st Jul 2014 23:25

Wouldn't it make sense

If you could register for emails for "service availability" for particular services?

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