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HMRC online system for import VAT

HMRC online system for import VAT

Hi all!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I'm pretty certain that the answer is a no but a second opinion for a sound mind is requested. So here it goes:

Does HMRC offer an online system for HMRC C79 import VAT certificate production, for example if you did not receive the monthly certificate?

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20th Dec 2011 12:29


No thay don't although I wish they did as thay always arrive late and make VAT return preparation a nightmare (group registration, lots to consolidate).

We have raised the issue of late receipt with our CRM (it takes an average of 12 days to get to us with a issue date of around 10th of the month) nut haven't got anywhere - I guess it gets caught up in the standard HMRC postal merry go round!

We do receive an EORI import report which is supposed to help identify branches following the switch from TURN to EORI but to be honest it is useless, it misses out most entries and includes entries from the previous month. I think it relies on agents completing forms correctly.

We have received agreement to use the periodic duty deferment statements to prepare the VAT return if the C79 is not received in time. So you could approach your CRM and request the same.

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