HMRC online & tax return

HMRC online & tax return

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I submitted a tax return on hmrc's website, using their online software. I keeping getting this message>>>>>> 'ERROR: We cannot verify that your return was successfully submitted to HM Revenue & Customs. Please click 'Next' so that we can do this now and verify your return was submitted'

On clicking next I get this message>>>>> System busy
We are not able to confirm that your return has been successfully received

I've spoken to HMRC helpline about this several times and each time, they tell me their IT department is dealing with it and they cannot tell me how long it would take to resolve.

I'm a bit concerned as i submited this return about 3weeks ago and it seems a long time to wait for this to be resolved.

Has anyone on this board encountered this type of problem and what did they do to resolve it.

Many thanks


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By taxassist
17th Dec 2008 11:51

Use an accountant
Our accountants use software to file electronically so im afraid I can't help much.

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By kenfrost
05th Dec 2008 11:13


Have you asked HMRC to turn it off and turn it on again?

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By acctsoft
04th Dec 2008 17:46

Try this

As Elva has suggested, you could try one of the third party "off-line" software to prepare and submit tax returns.

We develop one of the "value for money" Self Assessment tax returns software, you can prepare your returns off-line taking away the frusturation of HMRC system performance. When you start the submission process using the software, it sends the data directly to the HMRC "secure" servers. During January 2008, while HMRC website had crashed, our customers were able to submit returns.

I have used Elva's words "value for money" as this is what some of our customers have said.

Bharat Vithlani
Andica Limited
Developers of Payroll Software, taxation software and financial solutions.

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By elva_w
04th Dec 2008 14:22

Third party software
Why not try using third party software?

HMRC online service is crap, specially during this time of the year, the service is busy, all people is trying to submit their tax return, by using HMRC online software, the whole process is online. which compare to most third pary software, you complete tax return off line, and only go line when you submit. It's much easier and faster.

You can find the list of HMRC approved third party software from their web, some of them are real cheap and value for money.

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