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HMRC paperwork for Corporation Tax Returns

Any way to reduce?

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We received a Notice to Complete a CT Return and then also a payment reminder for each Company who uses our address as registered office.  We then also receive the Agent Summary from HMRC.  Each month we are spending a lot of time dealing with this paperwork (ticking off the Notice to Complete on IRIS PM then filing, cross checking the Agent Summary, filing the payment reminders etc)  x say 30 clients a month.

I can't find an option on HMRC for us to receive this information electronically which would be ideal.  But does anyone else handle this process?  Is our process overkill?   

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By addamwalker
19th Aug 2019 10:15

We have the same issue, we just get an administrator to update our PM software and then scan them and shred. Not an issue for us and we get a little more than 30 a month.

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