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HMRC payroll portal not updating

Submission of amended payroll reports not processing on HMRC

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We had to rerun the payroll for a new client due to incorrect pay run by previous agent however HMRC portal has not updated.

Anyone any suggestions how to fix this?

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By DKB-Sheffield
10th May 2022 21:20

Out of interest, when did you run the amendment? And which period was it for?

Just thinking out loud but, the HMRC Online liabilities are not updated 'til 12th?

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Replying to DKB-Sheffield:
By Hugo Fair
10th May 2022 22:46

... assuming of course that the pay period to be corrected was Month 1 of the current Tax Year.

There's next to no information on which to respond without copious guesswork.

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
By firtrees
11th May 2022 06:11

Apologies, this was for the 2021/22 tax year

The revised payroll was run and submitted on the 1 April 2022

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Replying to firtrees:
By Wanderer
11th May 2022 07:54

Why not drip feed us the information? Exactly what did you submit? What pay period was it for? What software did the previous advisers use & what did you use?

Anyway at a guess sounds like you just resubmitted the March pay FPS & didn't follow the advice in the 'if you make a mistake' section here:-

This is probably referred to as a "Year End Amendment – FPS" in the software.

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