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HMRC Performance report

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HMRC have published their monthly performance report for October.

Despite my reservations that they have a target for callers speaking to an actual person within 10 minutes (of the robot ending), it seems whenever I call anything other than the ADL I always wait more than 10 minutes.

Taken against their claimed achievement of more than 96% actually handled in less, is it possible that they have my number recognised via caller ID and I am deliberately made to wait?

It's the only explanation I can think of.

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By SXGuy
06th Dec 2018 11:19

10 minutes? Oh my please I'm actually wetting myself.

Clients report average of 60 to 90 minutes. Maybe they are selective with what type of call it was.

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By Duggimon
06th Dec 2018 12:54

I generally have to wait quite a bit but I think ten minutes is probably around the average.

I used to work in call centres, ten minutes is an absolutely appalling average across all lines over all times, it's utterly shocking. The one I worked at, the management would be questioned if the daily average went above 30 seconds. Busy times always happen but when you're looking at averages then those few 2-3-5-10 minute waits are balanced by all the calls in quiet times with 0.5 second waits. To never do better than ten minutes you'd have to have people waiting over an hour, quite regularly.

Best time to call is probably 10-11 in the morning or 2:30 - 3:30 in the afternoon, I would guess. You want to miss lunchtimes and other non-work times, both because punters are more likely to call then and the staff answering are more likely to be on a break.

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06th Dec 2018 14:10

Don't forget, if you hang up before the robot finishes it counts as a sucessful call that took zero time.

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By GHarr497688
06th Dec 2018 19:15

They try and fob you off quickly to ensure targets are met . I dread calling them.

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