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HMRC phone call?

HMRC phone call?

I have just taken a telephone call from H M Revenue and Customs asking to speak to the person dealing with a client for whom we have not carried out any work for several years now.  We wrote to CAA team at the time client left notifying them that we no longer act and also requested removal of the client from our client list via H M Revenue and Customs website.  The taxpayer in question is certainly not on our online services client list.  The HMRC contact advised me that we need to get in touch with CAA team as our details are still on the taxpayers records and that furthermore we may get a more calls of a similar ilk in respect of past clients.  We have certainly not received any correspondence or notifications from HMRC in respect of the ex- client for some years now so I find this quite disturbing.  Is this another example of HMRC systems failure causing busy practitioners even more work?  Or was it someone trying on some sort of scam but did not get past the first post?  Have any other Accountingweb members had similar phone calls? 


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05th Aug 2011 11:00

You don't act anymore

so, therefore, you can't help them and you would be well advised to leave it at that.

I agree, if could well be some form of hoax and, if that is the case, in leaving well alone, you've satisfied all the criteria.

If you are contacted again, it is likely that the number will have been with-held and I would simply ask that (whoever they are) they provide you with their contact details and, if you feel it necessary, you will telephone them.

I doubt you will be contacted again.

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By Top_Cat
05th Aug 2011 11:05


You MUST still act for the client, after all HMRC's records are NEVER wrong :)


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to hiu612
05th Aug 2011 11:12

Apologies Top-Cat

Yes, I did forget, HMRC records are faultless.

I've just released the pink flying pigs and they'll be back in a trice!

Whilst on the topic, particular relevance to Top-Cat, aren't you surprised as to how quickly the MP's report into the failings at HMRC seems to have been "dumped" by the media. From memory, the story was released in the newspapers and TV channels last Saturday but, by Sunday morning, it seemed forgotten. If it had been anything else, the media would have shaken it, like a dog with a bone. As I've said elsewhere, moi, cynical -never!

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By 0098087
08th Aug 2011 10:22


Do they want you to come and wipe their behinds as well. Astonishing, how many letters do you have to write to the incompetents..

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