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Client liabilities not showing up in their personal gateway account

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Hello all

I have a client whose return was filed on 17 January, actual liability about £600 more than the payments already made, yet his gateway account shows "nothing due"

On my agent account it shows return was received on that date, but as for liability it just shows the payment on account liability

Is this an isolated case, tried calling hmrc on the agent line, gave up after about 50 mins waiting

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By Wanderer
29th Jan 2024 11:41

Most likely it's the return hasn't been 'captured' yet. We've got one outstanding from September.
Wait until 1 February then ring the ADL.
Is this a marriage allowance transfer case?

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By Mr Hankey
29th Jan 2024 12:16

I've had similar infrequent instances of this in the past, same as Wanderer says, I've phoned to be told the return hasn't been 'captured' yet (whatever that is meant to mean, like the tax return is some sort of wild animal running round the office with the HMRC staff chasing after it with a lasso rope).

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Replying to Mr Hankey:
By SteveHa
29th Jan 2024 16:11

I shall never be able to get that image out of my mind, now.

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Replying to SteveHa:
By FactChecker
29th Jan 2024 17:06

Really? "HMRC staff chasing after it"?
More likely to be sitting there waiting for it to hand itself in!

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By Geoff56
29th Jan 2024 14:05

Had your client been issued with a notice to file a tax return, or was this a submission because you/the client knew there was a liability and HMRC did not?

If a notice to file was not issued, it occasionally seems to cause a problem if a return is submitted without HMRC having first been advised that this will be happening.

This may not apply at all in your case, but I thought it worth mentioning.

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29th Jan 2024 15:27

I've had this too.
He is due to pay £1500 on Wednesday but currently the account says nil on the GG despite confirming the tax return has been received.

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By Refs1
29th Jan 2024 20:02

I would wait till 1st February then call HMRC seen a few of these over the years.

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By Kaylee100
30th Jan 2024 08:48

I used to see a few of these each year. Usually where MTA was involved.

Pay the right tax and any POA on time, not what is showing. I would then call HMRC in February.

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