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HMRC Record of CIS Deductions

HMRC Record of CIS Deductions

I regularly have problems with HMRC in respect of clients who are sub contractors in the construction industry. My clients provide records of the CIS they have suffered, but very often it does not agree to the figures HMRC have gathered from the Contractors monthly returns. On a number of occasions I have asked HMRc to provide an analysis of the figures they have on their system in an attempt to reconcile it to my clients records and identify where the problems lie.

HMRC's response is almost always no. They will not supply the figures.

I was once told by a disgruntled HMRC employee that they have the records readily available but have been instructed by their managers that they have to refuse to discclose the information as they do not have the resources.

Does anyone know if HMRC are legally obliged to provide this information.


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By honesty
10th May 2012 14:05

I had this problem

last year with one of my clients. Because of his personal circumstances a lot of his vouchers were lost. Their response was that he should go to his contactors and get duplicates. When I explained that this was completely impracticle they reluctantly supplied the information requested. I expressed the view that this information should be accessable so that clients can check that contractors are registering the correct information etc. It would seem as though they are not therefor legally obliged at present unless a submitted tax return shows a difference.

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10th May 2012 15:46

Try an FOI request

Always good fun

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