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HMRC refused VAT deregistration

How do I appeal - if I can?

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Client has suffered a downturn in his workoad - has had to lay off the 2 CIS subbies he uses. 

Applied for deregistration as his income has gone down drastically and with VAT he cant be compete with similar businesses. 

HMRC have refused and I suspect thats because his last 3 returns showed total sales of £27,000 ish each net

How long will he have to wait until he can try to deregister again? He has a 31 March VAT return to submit which looks as though it will show only £8K sales

Shall I try again after that submission or wait until after the 30 June has been submitted?

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By Les Howard
14th Mar 2019 18:39

Your application should emphasize his next 12 months' turnover, not has last 3 or 4 Returns. I would re-apply straightaway using his estimated future turnover, explaining why his turnover will be lower than previously.

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15th Mar 2019 12:24

Thx for advice.There is a 31 March VAT return to submit. Ill do that as extra proof of reduction in work and then appeal as suggested.

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By jay negandhi
18th Mar 2019 13:02

The online deregistration process doesn’t seem to have a box to explain reduced future turnover, so HMRC sent me a standard rejection letter within hours of my deregistration application.

Their rejection letter in January gave a reference number for online replies that was rejected as incorrect. I was told to quote 222 plus the VAT number, not the refernce number quoted on their rejection letter.

And, the phone number quoted on the standard rejection letter rang but was never answered. Its use had been discontinued: the correct number is 0300 322 7871.

HMRC quoted a 3-week reply period for deregistration.. When I called after four weeks' silence, I was told that I had been deregistered two weeks earlier. HMRC hadn’t bothered to tell me.

Chasing HMRC for these basic procedural failures took up six hours. I tried to politely make improvement suggestions to someone in the deregistration department but was told that “they had been made before and passed higher but nothing ever happens”!

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Replying to jay negandhi:
By andyrhb
13th Jun 2019 16:58

Many thanks for this. I was having the same problem - online form not accepting the code as given by HMRC and telephone number not working. Tried your 222 method and form accepted. Thanks again

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