HMRC repayment - additional security checks

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I know these happen every now and then but I have a frustrated client and wondered if any one can shed any light on what checks HMRC actually do and why they take so long?

My client's cheque repayment has been pending since early December, just chased and spoke to HMRC agent who tells me the system says checks due to be completed by 26 March! That's almost 3 months to release a repayment.

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By Wanderer
19th Feb 2021 10:27

Hazel Accounts wrote:

... what checks HMRC actually do and why they take so long?

They do absolutely nothing. They just wait until they are chased and pay out then.
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Replying to Wanderer:
By Paul Crowley
19th Feb 2021 11:47

That was my understanding as well
Stick on hold and forget until chased
Then say it will be 8 weeks to complete

Recent honest HMRC man said blocked will never br released without a call

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the sea otter
By memyself-eye
19th Feb 2021 10:37

Must be a large sum or unusual circumstances - I 'generally' find the repayment arrives PDQ.

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Replying to memyself-eye:
By Paul Crowley
19th Feb 2021 11:51

This has appeared on several prior threads

1 Nearly all refunded really quickly that is normal
2 If blocked it does not sort itself out without follow up
3 There is no identifiable pattern to determine when block will happen

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
the sea otter
By memyself-eye
19th Feb 2021 13:30

I find a hot curry clears ANY blockage.......

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By AlastairWarwick
19th Feb 2021 13:37

In my tax office days (an awful long time ago) I was the Repayment Security Officer. My job was to check the taxpayers ID to ensure the payable order was going to the right person. In those days we used the Electoral Roll etc, but I'm sure these days they use electronic methods. What I'm getting at is it always makes sense to ensure the clients personal details are as correct as possible on HMRC's records, as if they are not repayments do get delayed.

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By Paul D Utherone
19th Feb 2021 14:33

HMRC have introduced a new system for security checks. To quote from on of the threads on the HMRC/Agen Forum:

"HMRC have adapted their existing processes for undertaking security checks when a customer submits a Self-Assessment repayment claim. In some cases, HMRC will write to the customer asking them to get in touch if they have submitted the Self-Assessment tax return. If the customer makes contact, HMRC will issue a subsequent letter asking them to provide specific evidence to prove their identity. The Customer should respond to the letters as instructed in order to avoid being removed from Self-Assessment."

Having seen a copy of the letter it asks for a lot of information to confirm that it was the client who submitted the return and repayment claim (or Agent on their behalf) and then asks for AML type evidence to be provided to prove identity & address

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By Suffolkarpenter
18th Apr 2024 16:25

My concern is that HMRC are doing blanket security checks to keep more money in their bank account.
My tax circumstaces are very simple, no dependants, no foreign money, no investments, one job etc and yet everytime HMRC owes me money I get extra security checks which turns 2 weeks into 6 weeks.
There is never any request for extra information and always a refusal to explain.
Consier this. if there are 1,000,000 refunds of £1000 that is an extra £Billion in their accounts for a month!

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