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HMRC self assessment manual.

Does this still exist or did it ever?

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I may be wrong but I recall recieving a thick manual from HMRC every year with instructions on filling in a self assesemnt return. In the manual I think it went into detail of what figures should go into each box on the various self assesemnt returns. They stopped issuing these manuals many years ago as they were going to make them available electronically.

Does anyone know if they still exist (assuming I am correct in the first place) and if so where can in be found. I am trying to complete a partnership SA return for a property company and i'm buggered if I can work out where to show/ calculate the restricted interest payments. I've looked at the Property Income Manual and that was no help whatsoever.  

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By Duhamel
31st Jul 2018 14:50

I think you are thinking of the partnership tax return guides:

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By Wanderer
31st Jul 2018 15:04

Re manuals you are correct. Main one was about an inch thick and there was a separate one for partnerships. They stopped about 10 years ago.

Re your query look at Boxes 1.27 & 1.40 of the 2018 SA801.

Here's the guide you need:-

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