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HMRC self assessment payments slips 2017

Are HMRC still sending these out?


A few clients have been asking about self assessment payment slips, Are HMRC still issuing these?




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10th Oct 2017 12:52

As far as I know, HMRC are still attaching payslips to the bottom of SA statements. Not seen anything to suggest they aren't.

They are withdrawing the facility to pay over the counter at the Post Office though, very helpfully from the middle of December.

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By K81
10th Oct 2017 13:42

I think that you are probably a bit early for payslips, probably end of December.

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10th Oct 2017 14:45

If you mean the SA302 they don't have payslips attached

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to bernard michael
10th Oct 2017 15:23

Self assessment statement(s) do though, when issued, from time to time.

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