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HMRC should allow public to invest in their cases

Why don't HMRC allow the public to invest in their litigation?

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It's a true no-brainer when you look at these results.

There should certianly be no excuse for HMRC being under-resourced!

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By memyself-eye
19th Jul 2019 13:22

Invest as in 'no win no fee' ?


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By Justin Bryant
22nd Jul 2019 12:20

Also, check this out. It costs a mere £4bn to run HMRC to raise £630bn - a return of around 20,000%. So, why isn't there a public bond issue to double that to £8bn? I would definitely invest a lot in that on the basis that I only got a return of 5p for every extra £1 in tax that extra £4bn investment generated (10 times HMRC's normal return - to factor in the law of diminishing marginal returns) plus my money back.

So, that £4bn extra only needs to generate £4.2bn extra in tax for the Government to break even and they can keep any profit, so I get up to a 5% risk free return and the Government almost certainly raises another £30bn+ in tax, enough for its Brexit bill and an annual ongoing extra amount.

If Boris suggested something simple and sensible like that I might change my mind about him!

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Replying to Justin Bryant:
By Wilson Philips
22nd Jul 2019 13:00

I'd be much happier if HMRC were to spend a good proportion of that £4bn in improving their service for law-abiding taxpayers and their agents.

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