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HMRC site down again?

Didn't find your answer?

It is for me.  Two days on the trot

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panda ketteringUK
By ketteringUK
08th Jan 2020 12:49

It's a 2nd day in a row! Appalling.
For the last 1.5 hr we're trying to access various services.

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By moboffsol
08th Jan 2020 12:57

I'm having the same problem. Anyone else?

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By cbp99
08th Jan 2020 13:02

Same here

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
08th Jan 2020 13:06

[***], just filling in a VAT / PAYE /CT application interrupted by a phone call, finish it off, and it logs me out on the final save.

It better be there when it goes back on.

So is this HMRC incompetence, or Iran's cyber attack capabilities?

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By Cloudcounter
08th Jan 2020 13:05

It's bad enough as it is, but it lets you waste time keying in your ID and password and then tellling you to bog off!

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By lionofludesch
08th Jan 2020 13:31


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By cbp99
08th Jan 2020 13:39

working now

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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
08th Jan 2020 15:42

We're trying to keep up with all these interruptions (and to be honest, so are HMRC). Here's a couple of comments about today's episode (8 Jan) already added to our news article on yesterday's incident:

John Stokdyk comment...

Jan 8, 12:26 - "New incident: Investigating"

A few minutes ago I got an alert from HMRC's API status service: "We're experiencing an elevated level of API errors and are currently looking into the issue."

The initial response from HMRC is that they are not sure if today's incident and yesterday's are connected. They are investigating and promised to pass on their findings.

Update: Incident reported resolved at 13.52.

Rebecca Cave: If you have views about MTD for VAT and want to ensure that those views are heard by those who will make the decisions about MTD roll-out to other taxes, take part in this survey:

The CIOT and ATT are gathering data from the survey until Monday 13 Janaury, which they will use to present the real story about MTD to HMRC.

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