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HMRC software for CT600 long form?

HMRC software for CT600 long form?

I have a client who prepares PLC accounts in MS Word. I need to file the CT600 (Long) and wondered what the best way to tag the accounts would be. I've heard that HMRC produce a template for company accounts that is already tagged, but will this work for large company accounts?



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By DMGbus
28th Apr 2011 13:39

See another post on HMRC limitations

" The HMRC accounts template, like the online CT600 (Short) return form, is aimed at small companies and organisations with straightforward affairs - that is those with fewer than 12 directors at any one period of time."

See the following to see if HMRC do not permit use of their software (lots and lots of holes full of exceptions in HMRC's botched together software product):-

If you find that HMRC don't allow use of their online product, then presumably your client being a PLC can afford something at relatively low cost like FTax combined with VT accounts (but obviously first check that these products can cope with a PLC like the one in question).


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29th Apr 2011 01:24
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