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HMRC has contacted me not as a fiscal philosopher and practitioner but in my capacity as a humble customer.  They wish to ascertain my views on HMRC vis a vis its services provided to self assessment customers.  Kantar Public have been appointed to question me and will be phoning me soon.

Should I be honest or suck up as I have found HMRC very remote and slow the last 20 years.

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By Accountant A
19th Sep 2018 16:26

Mrbailey wrote:

... not as a fiscal philosopher ...

I'll let that one speak for itself.

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Hallerud at Easter
19th Sep 2018 16:36

St*[email protected]$ @ &~# ers

Get them to call you after the watershed.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
19th Sep 2018 18:17

Oh, you again.

Mr Herbert ....

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By bernard michael
20th Sep 2018 09:35

Tell them to call back after the start of MTD

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By Glenn Martin
20th Sep 2018 09:55

I did the survey.

Had the bloke almost in tears with my comments

best score I gave them was 3 out of 5
I think it had been a long day for the guy doing it.

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Replying to Glennzy:
By Democratus
20th Sep 2018 10:14

What was that for - spelling?

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By bernard michael
20th Sep 2018 10:09

You're too kind
Surely o.03 would have more accurate

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By Mrbailey
11th Nov 2018 11:58

Actually I was contacted as a fiscal man of probity and integrity as an agent fiscally acting for the public good as well as the fiscal protagonist. I found the Kantar representative incoherent and like most surveys the questions made my testicles ache.
Do I think many people are evading tax?
Is HMRC doing a good job?
Oh dear me.

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