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HMRC system down?

SA not responding

Is it just me? I can log into the HMRC system this morning but access to the SA service draws an error message.


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12th Jan 2019 11:33

No.... it's back.


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By Tornado
to TaxTeddy
12th Jan 2019 11:36

My Magic

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to Tornado
12th Jan 2019 13:35

I could do with some magic. HMRC say 5m+ returns outstanding - and I think most of them are down to me.

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By Tornado
12th Jan 2019 11:34

11.30 am and I can access SA as usual.

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14th Jan 2019 13:41

Couldn't get it on Chrome

Rang the Helpline and got a helpful chappie (who incidentally sounded like he was answering on his mobile and out for a long walk on top of a windy hill) who ran through the usual "Clear your cache...etc"

Said they were aware but it was intermittent and to keep trying and try a different browser.

Tried MS Edge and got straight in. Go figure

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