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HMRC Telephone contact

HMRC Telephone contact

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We applied to register a limited company client online for VAT on 3 March  2015 and despite receiving an email acknowlegement referring us to an update on our online account, nothing is there.

We also applied to register another limited company client for PAYE online on 27 March 2015 and again the same as above.

We then tried to contact HMRC by telephone chasing these registrations and what a nightmare we are experiencing!

Why do we have an agent dedicated telephone number for self assessment and PAYE for individuals, but not for other taxes, particularly the two we have had problems with as above - unless anyone knows different?

For anyone's information, we have a PAYE helpline number of 0300 200 3211 and VAT 0300 200 3700.

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By marks
21st Apr 2015 23:06

good point

Getting through to HMRC on the general helplines is a nightmare.

They should have the dedicated lines for agents for the following

1. Corp Tax

2. VAT

3. PAYE and CIS.

Getting your call answered after a few rings with a self assessment problem is so much better.

Though suppose if HMRC started employing people to man the lines would make it easier for agents and the general public to get through.

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By BirdnCo
22nd Apr 2015 15:47

Agree completely with marks

Surely can't be that difficult for HMRC to implement, or can it?

We did get through and resolved the matter regarding the PAYE registration and they gave me the PAYE and Accounts Office reference numbers over the telephone, something I didn't expect.

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