HMRC telephone scam

HMRC scam

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One of my former clients contacted me after she'd received a phone call, from "Heather Gray" who said she was from HMRC. She explained that my (former) client owed over £4,000. "Heather" gave my client a number to contact; 0203 129 1409 and, when she returned the call, an "officer" named Dave Roberts suggested that she would be arrested unless she paid him at least £2,000 of the "debt" by credit card.

Smelling something of a rat, at this stage, she ended the call and, quite correctly, contacted the local Police and HMRC.

This isn't really a question, after all, just flagging up another aspect of our peculiar and often sick society.


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By Tornado
21st May 2016 11:42

Excuse language but a well known scam -

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By lionofludesch
22nd May 2016 13:32

That's why I tell my clients never to pay anyone over the phone.

Mind you - even the real HMRC ask for money that's not due. Why don't these people get arrested ?

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By law man
24th May 2016 12:20

A variation: I receive e-mails saying a tax refund is due to me, and inviting me to log in to a named site and give my bank details.

No, of course I do not do so.

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